New London announces State Pier revenue agreement

Published 01-31-2019

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NEW LONDON, Conn. (AP) - New London says the city will receive 10 percent of the Connecticut Port Authority's share of revenue from State Pier.

City officials say the authority will also pay an annual $75,000 fee to defray the cost of police, fire and other city services.

The Day reports the agreement was announced Wednesday morning by Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont, whose office helped negotiate the deal.

New London Mayor Michael Passero says the governor delivered on a promise to partner with New London.

On Jan. 7, the port authority announced a 20-year deal with New Haven port operator Gateway to run State Pier, a state-owned facility. Passero criticized the deal, who said he was disappointed there was not guarantee of funding to the city.

Lamont says he hopes the deal is a template.

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