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I just returned from a trip to New York City where a few hundred attendees gathered to perform at the first annual New London Connections Music Festival. Every year musicians from across the country organise a make-shift festival to share live music with some of our most isolated neighbours.

This eliminates the need to connect to a venue by registering your performance, as it is a live performance and not a make-up performance. Registered performers will be listed on the New London Connections Music Festival website and made available to all, regardless of their location.

In the Caruso Piano Gallery you will be able to find in the factory refurbished grand pianos, baby grand pianos, vintage piano parts and even babies. If you're looking for a grand piano to use for your performance at the New London Connections Music Festival, look no further than Caruseso Pianos.

There is a lot of live music in Mystic and Westly, but the presence of a big club like El Gee's would help. Strange Brew in Norwich is doing a good job of attracting customers who might be interested in tasting the beer and performing some of the live music.

People don't seem to be as enthusiastic about live music anymore, and maybe attending a live show doesn't have the same appeal as it used to. There are still a lot of great bands, but I think what's missing at the moment is a sense of continuity. It hurts not to have a big venue because we don't get many national acts coming through. Maybe there are a bunch of new acts that are great now, or maybe some of the bands could stay true to New London and go on tour and explore the streets and get together and stay in the city at the same time.

Young musicians who may have learned guitar or drums 15 years ago are more interested in rap and urban music. Some town bands learn from other touring bands, but they don't look for them consciously.

Multi-instrumentalist Jay Silva, who has played with Weird Beards since the group was formed, moved from Willimantic to New London in 2008 to be part of the group. Festivals often focus on a particular genre, such as the long-standing Berkshire Choral Festival, which focuses on classical music.

He taught for many years at the School of Music and Music Education at the University of Connecticut in Hartford, CT. During this time he began working at Mundel Music in Groton, Ct., a private music school.

Connecticut's coast, including New London, is in a broad transition zone where so-called subtropical indicators like the Atlantic can be successfully cultivated. NewLondon is bordered to the west and north by the city of Waterford and is located south of the city of Hartford and west of New Haven, CT.

The Fort Trumbull neighborhood once consisted of nearly two dozen houses, but was seized by the City of New London using a significant domain. The city eventually had the houses demolished as part of an economic development plan, and the measure was supported by a majority of residents, as well as local business owners and community representatives.

AM ceased to exist for a variety of reasons, including rising living costs, a reduction in grants and sponsorship in a struggling Connecticut economy and a decline in casino-sponsored festivals. The Oasis pub has significantly reduced its live music programme over the past year and several other venues in the area, such as New London Music Hall, have closed in recent years.

In 2006, the New York Times wrote an enthusiastic article praising the power of the New York music scene in a feature. There was a feeling that we were not just in art, but as a whole city. We played many shows in the city and brought many new bands with us who made connections on the way. At some point, people from New Haven, Hartford and Providence began to travel regularly to New London to enjoy the riches, and many of our bands were overexposed.

But it was also a kind of spontaneous burning of the musical universe, which expanded and flourished at a dizzying rate. There were not dozens of bands formed to play original songs, but people wanted to see them play. In fact, in its first year alone, more than 100 performances took place in New London, making it Connecticut's most popular music festival.

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