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New London is one of the best cities in Connecticut and is bordered to the west and north by the city of Waterford. Located at the mouth of the Thames, New London's quake is home to some of Connecticut's best restaurants, bars, shops, restaurants and hotels. With more than 2.5 million inhabitants, it is the second largest city in the state after New York City.

Connecticut College Arboretum, a small liberal arts college in the heart of New London, just blocks from downtown, is a place where art, theater and dance can be seen. Connecticut College Arboretum was founded in 1932 and is the campus of Connecticut College, located in New York City.

The property also has a visitor centre where visitors can learn more about the history of the arboretum and its history as a liberal art school. Sign up for local activities at CCX, visit the Facebook page of the New London Arts & Cultural Center and sign up for the local events page.

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To experience these mystical attractions, go on a tour and take a look at our list of the most fun things to do in New London, Connecticut. Don't forget to tell us your favorite things on this list and make sure you do those things when visiting this great city. Visit NewLondon Connecticut for more information about the Mystic Mystic Museum, Mystic Falls and other nearby attractions.

This is a museum and a registered national historic landmark operated by the Eugene O'Neill Theater Center. Visitors are taken to one of the oldest surviving buildings in New London, Connecticut, and the largest of its kind in the United States. There are several other historic buildings in the street in Garde, but this is the only one at its original location. The most important O'Neill archives are located at Connecticut College, as well as the library and archive at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Connecticut.

Garde currently shows films, ballets, operas and orchestras and has contributed to the development of the New London Symphony Orchestra, Garde Theatre Company and O'Neill Theatre Center. The Walls of Temple Church merged in 2013 to become the Eugene O'Neill Center for the Arts and Sciences at the University of Connecticut, a joint venture between Connecticut College and Connecticut University.

The New London Arts Council, established in 2012 as a partnership between the city, Connecticut College, and the University of Connecticut, could help drive the city's efforts to become a cultural district. Cultural districts are an instrument for cities, but designated cultural districts go further, bringing art and cultural places together with commercial tourism to the city and giving city and city a role. Special events include tours of the O'Neill Theatre Center and concerts by the Garde Theatre Company.

Those who have the opportunity to visit New London should take advantage of all the benefits the city has to offer and those who should not.

The food scene in New London is absolutely delightful; walk away from the water on State Street and you will all find a wide selection of restaurants, bars, cafes and even a few bars. Fresh and delicious seafood is served in the waterfront restaurants, which offer everything from oysters, crabs, lobster, shrimp, fish and seafood to lobster rolls and more.

The whaling industry brought many jobs and tourism funds to New London and helped finance many of the city's historic buildings. The Hygienic Art Gallery is the most famous work of art in Connecticut, and though times have changed over the years, it has remained a prominent city for both locals and tourists. As a city in NewLondon, the company has a lot of history that sets it apart from its competitors.

Roz has always been the center of attention and supported the city, its residents and the community as a whole. Her life of volunteering, philanthropy and civic engagement is reflected in her adopted country. She is an active member of the New London Chamber of Commerce, the City Council and is always on the lookout for new business opportunities in the area and opportunities for community engagement.

New London is also just one block from the island and has been connected to New Haven by train since 1850, where it was connected by the New York and New London Railroad. In addition, the suburban trains in and out of New Hartford, Hartford and Hartford in New York. Union Station in Newtown serves as a hub for the city's public transportation system and is also a major hub for the state of Connecticut and the nation.

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More About New London